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Town awarded another Community Crossings paving grant

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The Town of Chesterton has been awarded yet another 50/50 Community Crossings state infrastructure grant, in the amount of $114,142.50.

Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg told the Chesterton Tribune that the funding will be used to repave Rail Road between 100E and Dickinson Road; as well as Dickinson Road from 1100N north to a point just south of East Porter Ave.

This is the sixth Community Crossing grant awarded to the Town of Chesterton, and the fifth consecutive year in which the town has been awarded a grant.

Total grant awards: $1,240,093.06

Total project costs: $2,859,952.91.

The list of projects funded with the Community Crossings moneys is extensive:

-- 2016: Repave, 1100N from South Fifth Street to Pearson Road.

-- 2017: The replacement of the culvert over Sand Creek on East Porter Ave. Also two repaves: Wabash Ave. from North Calumet Road to Waverly Road, and Waverly Road to the CSX grade-crossing; and South Calumet Road from Porter Ave. to the Post Office.

-- 2018: Repaves: major portions of Morgan Ave.; South 11th Street; South Eighth Street; 100E; West Porter Ave; and South 15th Street.

-- 2019: Repaves: 1100N from South Fifth Street to 100E; and Broadway from Eighth Street to 19th Street.

-- 2020: Repaves: North Calumet Road from the Norfolk-Southern grade-crossing to Indian Boundary Road; and the whole of the South Park Acres subdivision, including South Park Drive, Elm Court, and Timber Court.

The Indiana Department of Transportation reviews and awards all grant applications and administers the funding. Chesterton’s success in the competitive process over the last five years is due almost wholly to the combined and meticulous efforts of Schnadenberg, Town Engineer Mark O’Dell, and MS4 Operator Jennifer Gadzala.



Posted 12/11/2020




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