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BZA hears petition for duplex variances in on S 20th Street

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The developer of a proposed duplex in the 500 block of South 20th Street is seeking a pair of variances from the Chesterton Board of Zoning Appeals.

Mark Markovitch of Mark I Construction told the board at a preliminary hearing on Tuesday night that he purchased the R-2 lot--which will be addressed 511-13 S. 20th St.--about a year ago. It had been heavily wooded but has since been mostly cleared, Markovitch said.

The first variance would permit a lot coverage of 40 percent, 10 percent more than the maximum 30 percent allowed by the Zoning Ordinance. The second variance would permit a side-yard setback of seven feet, 12 inches less than the minimum eight feet required in an R-2 zone.

Markovitch said that he’s been building duplexes in town since 1992 and has “kept them all for personal ownership.” The duplex he wants to build on South 20th Street, Markovitch added, “is a very nice one that would add value to the lot and the neighborhood.”

Town Engineer Mark O’Dell did have a couple of concerns. For one, members could grant a variance for up to 40 percent lot coverage, but as the duplex is designed that would preclude the addition of anything else on the property, such as a shed or a patio. O’Dell also said that Markovitch should plan on directing the duplex’s downspouts to a stormwater inlet at the front of the lot.

Members were amenable to the petition but--given a number of things which Markovitch has yet to do to complete his filing, such as prepare proper findings--they opted to continue the preliminary hearing to their next meeting, Thursday, Jan. 28.

“I don’t have any concerns, especially where this is located,” Member Fred Owens told his colleagues.

Member Joe Ackerman agreed. “It looks like an appropriate project for the neighborhood,” he said.

“I have no objection to proceeding,” President Rich Riley added for his part.



Posted 12/23/2020




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