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In 1961 Chesterton was rocked by the news that the beloved Aron movie theater on Broadway was closing. I was ten and I remember the boos and catcalls when the owner came on stage to explain why he couldn't keep the theater alive.

Now, nearly 60 years later, I find myself living in that man's former home, in the midst, ironically, of telling Duneland that another local institution is being forced to close.

Today is the final day for the printed Chesterton Tribune. I see no viable path to continuing a printed version of the paper while giving local news the space it deserves.

I am not going to relive the day-by-day struggle to keep the paper going. Instead I want to thank all of our faithful advertisers, readers, route carriers and employees who have kept community journalism alive.

To all of you who placed farewell advertisements, sent us emails, posted on Facebook and wrote Voice of the People letters: Thank you.

To Dana Gilbertson, Kevin Nevers, Adam Peffers, TR Harlan, Lily Rex, Nicole Miglorini, Heather Augustyn and all the motor route drivers and foot carriers: Thank you.

To Margaret Willis, co-publisher and life partner: Thank you.

Back in 1961 when the Aron closed, I was already working at the Tribune, delivering newspaper bundles to 7 or 8 stores within walking distance along Calumet and Broadway.

Please donít hold it against me when I say that 60 years is long enough for any job.

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Posted 12/30/2020




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