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Statewide 252 more deaths and 22322 new cases over the long holiday weekend

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The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) was reporting 22,322 new COVID-19 cases over the five-day period Wednesday-Sunday, to bring the total so far to 493,841.

ISDH reported 4,731 new cases on Wednesday (3,758 new cases on Tuesday); 6,288 on Thursday, Christmas Eve; 5,563 on Friday, Christmas Day; 3,896 on Saturday; and 1,844 on Sunday.


ISDH also reported 252 additional deaths over the same five-day period, to bring the total to date to 7,878.

ISDH reported 64 additional deaths on Wednesday (143 on Tuesday); 85 on Thursday; 40 on Friday; 31 on Saturday; and 42 on Sunday.

The seven-day moving average for per-day COVID-19 deaths on Sunday was 42 (49 on Saturday). The seven-day moving average of 82 per-day deaths on Monday, Dec. 14, is the highest ever recorded during the pandemic. The highest recorded during the initial surge was 42 on April 27.

The total COVID-19 death count includes both confirmed and presumptive deaths to date. Presumptive deaths are those for which x-ray, scans, and clinical symptoms all point to COVID-19 but for which no positive test is on record. A total of 347 presumptive deaths was reported on Tuesday, up from 337 on Tuesday.


Meanwhile, ISDH reported 2,811 hospitalizations on Sunday (3,064 on Tuesday), the fewest since Nov. 15, when ISDH reported 2,768.

According to ISDH, the most hospitalizations on any given day during the initial surge of the pandemic was 1,799, on April 13.

ICU Bed Availability

On Sunday, ISDH reported a 27.6 percent availability of ICU beds statewide (23.1 percent on Tuesday). COVID bed use on Sunday was 29.9 percent (30.3 percent on Tuesday). Non-COVID bed use on Sunday was 42.5 percent (46.7 percent on Tuesday).

County Numbers

On Sunday, Marion County reported 68,136 cases and 1,089 deaths (65,065 and 1,055 on Tuesday), the most in the state in both categories. Lake County reported 38,879 cases and 571 deaths (37,552 and 562), the second most in the state in both categories. LaPorte County reported 7,222 cases and 128 deaths (6,858 and 122).

Porter County Status Orange

On Wednesday, Dec. 23, ISDH upgraded Porter County's COVID-19 color status to Orange 2.0, Orange 2.5. The color status is the average of two metrics: the seven-day rolling average of new cases per 100,000 residents; and the rolling seven-day average “All Test” positivity rate.

A per-100,000 average of 200 or more earns a Red score (3). Porter County's per-100,000 average: 544.

An average “All Test” positivity rate of 10 to 14.9 percent earns an Orange score (2). Porter County's “All Test” positivity rate: 9.9 percent.

ISDH also upgraded two counties on Dec. 23 to Orange. Currently, 24 counties of the 92 counties in Indiana are rated Red, down from 26 last week.

ISDH is next scheduled to update Porter County's color code on Wednesday, Dec. 30.

Note: the Porter County Health Department, using other metrics such as hospitalizations and deaths, has opted to retain the Code Red status and has issued additional restrictions accordingly, under the authority granted by Executive Order 20-48.

Indiana School Cases

As of Monday, Dec. 21, ISDH was reporting 18,460 student cases statewide; 3,798 teacher cases; and 4,610 staff cases.


Posted 12/28/2020




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