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Remember your Tribune delivery drivers and carriers

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As the Chesterton Tribune nears its final printed issue, the publishers are asking subscribers to remember their newspaper carrier or driver this holiday season.

Christmas and end of year gifts will be forwarded by the office. Please include your name, address and the name of the carrier with any card or tip left or sent to the office.

Cards and tips for our hardworking carriers and drivers will be accepted at the office through Wednesday, December 30. After that date gifts arriving by mail will also be forwarded.

Thank You

Since the announcement of the Tribuneís final issue was printed and posted Wednesday, there has been an outpouring of supportive email, social media posts and phone calls.

The publishers and staff wish to express thanks to all those who have responded.

At least one incorrect email for the Tribune has been posted on social media.

Be advised that questions about the future of community news in Duneland or the status of refunds should only be sent to

The publishers canít guarantee response to inquiries or comments through Facebook or other social media.



Posted 12/17/2020




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