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PCSP Lt Kevin Kley is Deputy of the Year

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Lt. Kevin Kley of the Porter County Sheriff’s Police is this year’s Deputy of the Year, named by the not-for-profit Indiana Sheriff’s Youth Ranch (ISYR) for future law enforcement  officers, at-risk kids, and young witnesses and victims of crime.

“Lt. Kley’s quick, selfless actions saving a family during a recent home fire and explosion exemplify a servant’s heart, a leader’s mind, and a hero’s strength,” said former Marion County sheriff John Layton, board president of the Indiana Sheriff’s Youth Ranch.

Van Kley made the rescue on Sept. 10 following an explosion in a home in the Town of Porter, after he heard a call on his police scanner  regarding a active fire with family members believed to be still trapped inside.

“News reports said Van Kley heard screams coming from the house when he reported to the scene,” ISYR said. “He quickly entered the building, collapsing  home and removed debris to save a child trapped inside. Van Kley then went to another area of the house where other responders could be heard shouting ‘All hands on deck!’ Fire and police were working together to lift the roof, which had collapsed to the ground. Van Kley then assisted in rescuing a woman from the debris.”

Van Kley “is exactly what our student leaders need to aspire to as public servants,” said Allen County Sheriff David Gladieuz, ISYR treasurer and trustee. “We will incorporate Lt. Van Kley’s heroic story into our campfire chats with our cadets. I’m certain our young campers will see why the Youth Ranch named Kevin as Deputy of the Year.”

LaPorte County Sheriff John Boyd, an ISYR board trustee, also pointed to the leadership example set by Porter County Sheriff Dave Reynolds, who “quickly and graciously recognized the braveness of Porter firefighters and other dedicated law enforcement officers from Porter, Burns Harbor, Chesterton, and Ogden Dunes, who actively helped rescue the family. As a strong community leader, Sheriff Reynolds also publicly commended the citizens in the area who came to the aid of their neighbors.”

Reynolds recently presented Van Kley with the department’s Medal of Honor, only the third officer in the history of the PCSP to be presented with the award.


Posted 12/30/2020





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