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Duneland School Board to meet Monday

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Duneland School Board to meet Monday

The regular meeting of the Duneland School Board will be Monday at 6 p.m. followed by the board meeting as the Board of Finance at 7 p.m.

The meeting will be held at Chesterton Middle School, Auditoriam Entrance, 651 W. Morgan Ave., Chesterton

Masks will be provided and required.

There is time for public participation, but it is not a public hearing. When addressing the Board on an agenda item, each person is requested to state their name and address. In order for a member of the public to have an item of business considered for placement on the Board agenda, that person shall contact the superintendent of schools to discuss the item at least seven working days prior to the next scheduled meeting of the Board.

New business will inlcude election of officers (President, Vice President, Secretary) and appointment Corporation Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer.

The board will adopt a regular meeting schedule and location, set salary and compensation for board members and appoint representatives and liaisons.

The board will also appoint its legal advisor, recognize student achievement, hear reports, approve claims, make donations and adopt or revise policies.

Also on the agenda is the bidding process for summer roofing projects and consideration of the rules for public comment at regular meetings.



Posted 1/8/2021





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