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I moved to Chesterton about 19 years ago, because I found it to be a very nice friendly town. I have seen it go to a town that has no respect for the people here and now even less respect for the country that we live in. I am ashamed of how we spent the 4th of July as a town.

It was bad enough that they did away with any and all projects that brought the people together, then want to close traffic to businesses in the south of town. Nor do they want progress in restaurants and box stores to give the people a choice in town.

I read the article that this is happening because of the older people. Not so. Everyone has a vote and, if you stay home and let the same people make the choices for you, that is what you get. You could still flood the council with phone calls, they are supposed to be working for you. Just watch the change after they hire a manager, (who will answer to the council) - no change!

Charlie Van Cleef


Posted 7/8/2008