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We must not keep silent during dangerous times

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I saw a movie last night called “WHY WE FIGHT”. I recommend it to you all, but most particularly our schools. It is a documentary that helps in understanding why we are at this precipice of war once again. Those whom we’ve elected and who represent us MUST STOP THIS NOW! We cannot and must not go around the world bullying countries, pushing them to the point at which we step in and start dropping bombs. This administration does not know what diplomacy means. We already have CIA agents in Iran covertly setting the stage as they did in Iraq only this time we’re looking at dropping at least 400 BOMBS with NUCLEAR WARHEADS. Am I the only one that’s scared by that? We must stop those in positions of power from committing us to any more of this madness. Many retired generals and other officers see it (by the way, had they spoken out while still in the service they could have been court-martialed for speaking out against the President or Vice President in time of war) and have spoken out now when their voices can and must be heard. And more will follow. Let us not keep our voices silent at such perilous times as these.

Ms. Jan Stewart



Posted 4/21/2006