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Water company rate hike opposed

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To all tax payers and water users in response to the article in the Chesterton Tribune, Tuesday, May 29:

Why should we the people that buy the water have to help pick up the price of improvement of the Water Company? The Water Company is privately owned.

The money they get over the years - some is to pay for upkeep. Should we pay U.S. Steel to upgrade their blast furnace or open-hearth? NO. The water company is making lots of money. The water is not from wells they own, but from our Lake Michigan, which is owned by the U.S. citizens, not the Water Company. Any business knows money coming in is not all profit - some is for upkeep and improvements.

The steel mill built a water inlet going out into the Lake. At that time it was Illinois, then Carnegie-Illinois Steel, now U.S. Steel. They sold the water works to Gary. It then became Gary-Hobart Water. It sold again and now it is American Water Company (foreign owned). No one forced the company to buy the water company. They knew they would make money. They are a private company. Who can see their books? No one.

This is a money making company - not a public works. Why should they be subsidized?

Jean Buckley



Posted 5/31/2007