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Watching Chesterton fall apart

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Voice of the People

Kudos to Andrea Ello for the excellent article in the Voice of The People dated Wednesday, March 19, 2008.

I thought I was the only one looking at the mess Chesterton is in. I have lived here about as long as Andrea and watching this town fall apart. There had to be some unreasonable planning for this mess.

I would like to add one little thing that she mentions about who is running our town. It is not only the “Boards” but all of the Town departments doing what they want. So it is all individual persons trying to run this town and this is why it is all screwed up.

There was a referendum on having Chesterton to become a City which was voted down. I attended the meeting and all I heard from the town employees was “If they get a Mayor in, we may all loose our jobs”. The ones that were doing their jobs would not have to worry.

Well, now it is time that we get one and only one point person to deal with the operations of the Town of Chesterton. This would be a town manager to guide all town employees and Boards to straighten up the mass confusion that everyone in this town is in.

The Council was informed on qualifications of a Town Manager. So, do the Town employees or the Boards have these qualifications on running a Town?

I will also give kudos to Mark Chamberlain, the new President of the Chesterton/Duneland Chamber of Commerce. When I read his thoughts on what might be achieved with the Town of Chesterton, I was encouraged that now something will be accomplished to have the Town on the map again.

Donald J. Karp



Posted 3/26/2008