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VNA history started here with Beta Gamma Upsilon Sorority

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Dear Sirs:

I read with interest the article about the Visiting Nurse Association celebrating 35 years of service, for which they were commended, and rightly so. I also noted the article made no mention of Beta Gamma Upsilon Sorority (a service club) that held the first organizational meeting in 1970, under the leadership of the late Mrs. Robert Bley. Many meetings were held prior to selecting the first board of directors. If you look back to your archives you can follow the sequence of events. Our sorority, back then, donated much of the funds to the establishment of VNA. We are still very proud of this accomplishment and also very proud of all the good works that the VNA has done. Beta Gamma was a fairly small group then of Chesterton Women and we still meet monthly to reminisce.


Mrs. Edward Kuehl (Dorothy)




Posted 3/31/2006