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Town failed to follow golden rule when it allowed sewage into basements

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Voice of the People

A vocal struggle has ended! After two long years, we, the four families of Villages of Sand Creek, have reached final settlement with the Town of Chesterton regarding sewage that was pumped into our basements way back in November 2005.

The settlement was by no means fair, for we all had more damages than what was reimbursed. In my case, what I actually received is $2,900 short of my cost of clean-up; and that was not until after the threat of an individual law suit against the Town of Chesterton.

Perhaps those in charge should take out their dusty Bibles and read Matthew, Chapter 7, Verse 12 where it says, “Do to others what you would have them do to you”.

Carol Brenn


Posted 11/29/2007