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Time to fight: Stop Daniels' highway to Peotone; save Gary Airport

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Voice of the People

The time has come to speak about the Illiana Expressway. I find it hard to believe that most people have not seen through this farce.

First off, if the Governor is for it in Northwest Indiana, then it cannot be good for us. Stop and think of what any politician has done for us recently. I really believe that because most of them get their money from Ill., they tend to do for them.

This expressway is for one thing only - a road to Peotone, a Daley project. Itís more money for Illinois and less for Indiana.

For those that donít care think about this, there is a very good airport in Gary, that could grow and help the whole area. I can just hear some say ĎI donít care about Gary.í Well you should. If the airport there grows, so does the economy for the area. On top of that, it is a very nice thing not having to drive to Chicago to get a plane. People should stop and think about what is good for the area.

This is the time for every voter to contact their representatives and tell them Indiana first and politicianís pocket later.

Remember it could be your property that they want next.

This really hits everyone in the billfold. So standup now, later might be too late.

Charlie Van Cleef


Posted 2/16/2007