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Sewage in river linked to runaway growth in Chesterton

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Maybe Kevin Nevers will do a report on the ethical and moral and legal reasons for the rate increases that are required to stop the raw sewage flowing into the creek, instead of just the controversy about the increased costs. 

I read his article and the next day saw the article about heavy rains forcing the sewage to be put into the creek. The weather does not force Chesterton to do this. The lack of planning does. 

Maybe the Tribune can provide a public service and do a health related series on the subject, or look at the Clean Water Act and do a law related series.

I now live in Michigan City and I am proud to say that Michigan City has won USEPA awards for its treatment plant that is located on the shores of Trail Creek and near Lake Michigan. We donít dump raw sewage into Trail Creek. That is what the technology and law allowed in 1902, more than 100 years ago, and Michigan City suffered a cholera outbreak.  Surely Chesterton can do this in 2006. I look at the luxurious homes being built all over Porter County and I just donít get it. Where is the disconnect? 

Joan F. Wiseman


Posted 10/5/2006