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Public against South Shore extensions

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Voice of the People

In a recent poll by Sen. Karen Tallian, her poll showed the Taxpayers were opposed to the South Shore Extension 64 percent to 36 percent.

The poll also showed that the taxpayers were opposed to a tax on fuel by 84 percent to 16 percent. This poll and others clearly show the taxpayers are not willing to pay more taxes to support the South Shore extension.

The NWI Forum has sent us, by mail, pamphlets in support of the extension. The pamphlets mailed to us, using our tax dollars to print and mail, are full of half truths and down right lies. Anyone with an ounce of sense can see through the propaganda printed on them.

In many letters to our local newspapers, writers are asking for a referendum on this issue. Yet, not one of the people that are supposed to represent us have said a word about putting this issue up for a vote.

The people that are supposed too be representing us might look at it is this way: If you vote for it, we wonít vote for you. If you vote against it, the money from your supporters on the Forum and the RDA may dry up. Either way, you lose. So, letís put it up for a vote, if it is voted in, then letís find a way to build it. If it is voted down, then drop it and move on, but donít tell us itís too late to get it on the ballot.

To Karen Tallian, thank you for your poll. I for one expect you to honor your poll when you vote on this issue. The majority has told you how they feel about the extension.

Joan Peak

Thomas L. Peak

Donald A. Payne

Edwin Gutt





Posted 4/2/2008