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Pround parent of US midshipman

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Voice of the People


 As I read Mr. Craig Darnellís letter to the voice of the people, I was filled with pride. My only son is starting his senior year (a firstie) at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Over the last few years people have asked me if Iím ok with his decision, I respond, ďthis is his dream not mine, but I could not be more proud.Ē He made this decision knowing we were at war and that his chances of going were quite high.

The other day a friend of mine, who I have utmost respect for made the statement that she hopes he may never have to make the ultimate sacrifice, I hope not either! I told my son I was writing this, he too said that he hopes to never have to make that sacrifice, but unfortunately freedom is not free. So, Iím with you Mr. Darnell, I am OK with it too!

Proud Mom of Midshipman Jacob Norgaard

Charla Norgaard


Posted 6/4/2007