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Praise for town manager coverage

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Voice of the People

Congratulations, Kudos, Thank You and all the other praises that should go to Kevin Nevers for the excellent comprehensive analysis of the aspects of a Town Manager. I think all the elected and appointed officials should cut it out, laminate it and keep it on their desk for future reference; should we decide to hire one.

I note that Mr. Nevers referred frequently to the International City/ County Management Association (ICMA). He made a short reference to State Association.

If and when they decide, I hope they will be in contact with the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns. They have a regular publication and listing this position could draw the attention of current managers in Indiana who might be interested in applying. Having the experience of Indiana laws relating to this would be an advantage over someone applying from out of state and having to be brought up to speed on Indiana Statutes. Again well done and thank you.

Joe Harrison


Posted 11/20/2006