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Praise for school bus driver and principal in wake of fire emergency

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Voice of the people

To the Duneland Community:

I thank God for our family’s wonderful bus driver, Pam Cosman!

Thank you, Pam, for keeping my son and the other students safe from harm. Due to your competent and kind abilities, Thursday’s bus fire incident had a happy ending.

Thank you, too Mr. McGinty, for the final accounting of students with your interior inspection of the empty, smoking, and on-fire bus! Your conduct was absolutely chivalrous, noble and responsible.

Since 1992, Duneland School Corporation bus drivers have driven my nine children to and from school, field trips and athletic events, as well as school-sponsored extra-curricular activities. The drivers have driven them in bad weather and adverse conditions. They have delivered them to their destinations, for the most part, without incident. They are reliable; they are punctual. Our bus drivers deal with the full-range of kid behavior. They regularly face the challenge of varying conduct due to our society’s melting pot of value systems and family stresses.

Let this letter formally thank our Duneland Community bus drivers. In addition to our gratitude and thanks to Pam, let me especially thank current drivers, Sandy and Fran, as well as dispatcher, Colleen. I would not want to leave unmentioned our retired drivers, Carol and Bonnie, as well as former Director of Transportation, Lyn Underwood.

Daily we are privileged to have our children, students and staff in the care of such people. We are truly blessed. A public format of thanks and gratitude is long overdue our bus drivers. I propose our Duneland community adopt the third week of April as Bus Driver Appreciation Week. I have asked school board member, John Marshall, to present this as a motion to the school board at its next meeting. I have also requested special recognition to bus driver, Pam Cosman, and WIS Principal, Tim McGinty.

Respectfully submitted,

Natalie Halpin




Posted 4/23/2007