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Praise for CHIP community flowers and landscaping

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Our Town!

I donít know who all of the folks are that sponsored and installed the beautiful flowers and landscaping in the parks and various locations around our town - even both sides of the Coffee Creek Bridge on Porter Ave. have colorful plantings. A very nice touch!

Not only does it beautify our town, I think it displays and improves community morale and pride.

Thanks! A grateful senior citizen.

Paul J. Martin

Editorís Note: The flowers and landscaping were a project of C.H.I.P. (Chesterton Homeotown Improvement Project) a not for profit organization, whose purpose is to improve the town. To donate make checks payable to Duneland Economic Development Company and send to Charla Norgaard, c/o Waretech, 132 Venturi Dr., Chesterton, IN 46304. Donations go toward materials, supplies and tools.


Posted 8/8/2006