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Porter County plan news sickening

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Thursdays edition of the Trib without a doubt, sickened me. Where has our supposed county government gone wrong? Once again, the rubber stamping of two major infractions against the ecosystem makes me wonder how much does it cost to buy an approval?

How independent can DLZ be if they are always contracted for these things? Has anyone considered maybe acquiring a truly independent view on the ramifications of these projects?

There was a point in time in this country when wetlands were protected. Why? Because wetlands act as a kidney for all ecosystems surrounding them. They teach this in the sinking High School, why is this a foreign concept to the commissioners? I would like to think this is an easy subject for any layman to understand. Simply drive by the Dzur farm and take note of the ever encroaching standing water in the FRONT YARD! Wasn’t like that a couple of years ago. Now they are going to build even more homes?

What will it take for this to come to a head? Will some family have to die when their house caves in because of unstable soil? Or perhaps a plague of mosquito born disease wreaking havoc on the local populace of the ‘Preserve’?

I might be an alarmist, but people, its time to sound some alarms! If our corrupt officials carry on much longer, there will not be anything left to save!

Is it that hard just to leave things alone? Did I miss a meeting that decided that Valpo and Chesterton must share borders? The only common denominator in all of these wonderful developments is greed. Sure, I could find a snake oil salesman to vouch for my good intent, but it does not change the fact that homes are being built on land that is not suitable for development. I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees!

William Lemmons


Posted 7/1/2008