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Peace and quiet on old 49

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I want to thank the Porter County Highway Department and the County Commissioners for giving us “Ol’ 49ers” a summer of relative peace and quiet and for allowing our children and grandchildren to walk and bike along our little stretch of highway -- North Calumet Avenue from US 6 to the SR 49 ByPass. It has been a marvelous summer! We’ve actually been able to walk in the roadway unmolested, been able to cross the road to visit our neighbors, been able to sleep at night with the relative quiet, and the farmers have been able to use the road for their equipment and wagon.

Many of us hoped it would last for a longer time, but, alas, today the barricades came down and within minutes the “shortcutters” discovered it. For some reason, there are those who believe that this 0.2 tenths of a mile shorter distance will save them considerable time in getting to work or wherever they’re going. Several of us neighbors have tested this theory and have found that the shorter distance does not save any time since the speed limit is 15 mph lower and there can be lengthy wait times at the stop light on US 6 (no turn on red), at the access to the ByPass (both lanes are frequently tied up on SR 49), and northbound SR 49 traffic prevents crossing it for those trying to use Old 49 southbound. Add to that the danger of rear-end collisions at the CR 950 junction, the curves, the school buses, the farm tractors, delivery vehicles, people turning into their driveways or pulling out of them, and a myriad of other consternating delays and obstacles and you wonder why anyone would ever think that this 1.5 mile route would save anyone some time.

Oh, there were the days when the whole road served as the venue between town bars and there was flawed thinking that no police ever patrolled it.

Nevertheless, the old road is open once again to those who think they can save five minutes by using it, and we have had one exceptionally great summer without the urban traffic and all that it entails.

Thank you, Porter County!

Tim Cole, an “Ol’ 49er”

845 N Calumet Ave.,

Woodville, Liberty Township

Post Office: 46304 (sometimes known as Chesterton)


Posted 8/7/2008