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Park Board killing community festival

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Voice of the People

The article in the Tribune, about the Chesterton Park Board’s comments regarding plans for a 4th of July Festival, left me furious. Mr. Emanuele’s comments that the festival is better off at Sunset Hill is his opinion and not the opinion of this town. Chesterton 4th of July fireworks in Valpo - what a summer time treat.

Let’s see - we’ve lost Diana of the Dunes Festival, Wizard of Oz Festival and now 4th of July Festival. We’ve lost the downtown tennis courts and basketball courts, but we are sure keeping those 165 soccer players happy.

Our Chamber of Commerce is desperately trying to find ways to attract visitors to our town and the Park Board is desperately trying to keep us away.

Pet parades, turtle races, baby contests and fireworks have been part of Chesterton’s July 4th celebrations for over 25 years. The Duneland committee is trying to keep these traditions alive and you refuse to work with them - wake up Park Board and listen to the voices - we want a festival in this town and not a bus ride away!

Betty Sigler



Posted 3/14/2008