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Oz festival blues: There's no place like Chesterton

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This letter is for Jodi Trimble and her family, Sue Arden, Beth Magoon and all others who were so disappointed with the “Oz Fest” at the Expo Center.

I was involved with a booth at the craft fair, I mean “Oz Fest.” As I arrived at the festival on Sunday, I had a question about the festival, so I walked around to find someone to answer my question. After seeing several people wearing the same type shirts, I approached one of them and asked if she was working the festival. Her reply was “Well I guess so, I’m president,” not a smile, not how may I help you, more like I was bothering her.

It was too bad that Jodi and her family had the experience that they had. Why in the world couldn’t they get their autographs if they paid for their tickets?

Chesterton is where the Oz Festival belongs. Sure they can’t charge people to get in like at the fairgrounds but, it is a small town atmosphere people want not a midway.

This was more of a “Craft Show” than an “Oz Festival.” Years ago, my son and a friend had a booth at the “Oz Fest” and they were told that everything that they brought had to be Oz related, what happened to that? There were a lot of booths that had nothing at all to do with the “Wizard of Oz.”

Well Madam President and Mr. Ambassador, enjoy your craft show, although it looked as though you didn’t enjoy it any more than Jodi, Sue, Beth or myself.

Just Remember,

“There’s no place like


“There’s no place like


“There’s no place like


Debbie Kemp



Posted 9/28/2006