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Opposition to state park hotel plan

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Writing to express my opposition to the proposed inn project at the Dunes State Park is one of the easiest decisions I have made in a long while. I live and grew up less than 10 miles south of the Dunes State Park. Visiting the Dunes since 1965 has given me the opportunity to see first hand the impact of both our use; and in some places abuse, of the park's limited natural resources.

Everyone who has visited the park has seen first hand the problem with available parking. If this proposal were allowed to take place it would merely worsen the problem.

Chesterton already has six hotels/motels such a short distance away which would be in direct competition. They should not have to compete against a private owner who has built on PUBLIC LAND.

The Dunes State Park comprises some of our most precious, ecologically irreplaceable resources. Some of my fondest memories of my deceased grandparents and my father are of times we spent together at the lakeshore. It is a tradition I keep with my children. We hope to keep the tradition alive with their children.

I wholeheartedly oppose the taking of our PUBLIC land for a private concern to profit. I hope this letter can stir others to consider what is being taken from them, and that they will also not give up. Do not give up the fight! It is not over yet.

Jim Rowe

Valparaiso, IN


Posted 4/10/2006