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Open one road and close another to plan for Ind 49

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I see a new team of developers are going to save Coffee Creek Center (CCC). They are going to make a conventional big box shopping center and eventually build thousands of high density condos and apartments. This will make thousands of more traffic problems.

The main problem is that CR 1050 was closed off so that CCC could create a center entrance to CCC with a future stop light at that intersection.

Most all new development in this area will be to the south of Chesterton along 1050N east and west of 49.

Now is the time to close off this center entrance to CCC and open up 1050N to cross traffic over 49 and make 1050N a four lane east-west road.

I know it canít be done now, but this 1050 intersection should be made an underpass of 49 with an on north and an off south entrance to 49. There is open space there now, that could be preserved so that this could be done. Itís the most practical place from 94 to Rt. 6 to make an interchange as 49 is high to the north and south of 1050 and 1050 can be cut lower and a minimal amount of earth would have to be moved.

Letís look to the future and save millions that will be needed to correct problems down the road.

By the way, I fought the closing of 1050 North and the Porter County Commissioners and INDOT LaPorte office assured me that 1050 would not be closed off as proposed by CCC.

So much for the little guy against NIPSCO giant.

Keith Lakin


Posted 10/6/2006