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One way streets proposal for South Calumet Triangle

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Voice of the People

A while back I wrote you concerning the horrendous situation at the junction (point) of the oldest and medium old 49.

Iím glad this situation is being addressed and I can understand why the businesses are concerned if any of the roads are shut off to traffic.

I canít believe someone has not come up with this simple idea. From the point south, past the doctorís offices on Beverly Drive, make it one way south. From 1100N, on Calumet to downtown make it one way north. Voila! The problem is taken care of.

I live in Portage, but Iím often in that area, going to doctorís offices there.

I refuse to go north at that point, as it is difficult to look over oneís right shoulder to see what traffic is going north. To get out of there, I go south to 1100N make a right turn (west) at the next stop sign, then right again (north) at the next four way stop. Then I go left (west) on Porter Ave. It is a bit out of my way, but much safer than possibly pulling out in front of someone coming from oneís right.

It is just a suggestion. But, perhaps one will think about it and act on it.

Mrs. Joyce Bistransky



Posted 9/22/2006