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MunchkinLand Market Days kept Wizard of Oz fun in Duneland Chesterton

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With all the negativity surrounding the move of the Oz Festival, I wonder why no one has bothered to mention the fun at the annual MunchkinLand Market Days which is held annually at The Yellow Brick Road Gift Shop and Oz Museum?

There was a lot to do and see at MunchkinLand Market Days besides the shopping for Wizard of Oz collectibles and gifts. Meinhardt Raabe, the Munchkin Coroner was at The Yellow Brick Road Friday through Sunday delighting fans and autographing his book, Memories of a Munchkin.

Tim Wollack had his ozmazing “Picture Yourself in OZ” tableau with all his lifesize Oz characters in a MunchkinLand scene for you to have your photo taken. Rick Ewigleben debuted his fourth poster in his Oz series. Sarah Gorecki entertained the crowds with a few songs.

There were a few vendors selling their wares such as the Duneland Working Women Auntie Em’s Pie Booth to Toto Treats for our four legged friends. For Oz collectors and bystanders alike, it was a treat to watch the debut of the Oz Celebriducks as they were actually launched into the pond fountain of the Jean Nelson MunchkinLand Garden. The Oz fantasy museum was free to tour during the festivities of the weekend and the Wizard of Oz played on the shop’s TV as the collector’s shopped.

All seemed to have a swell time and there was no negativity regarding the event to be found. Kudos to store owner Marilyn Zengler and her staff for providing a pleasant experience for everyone no matter how busy they were.

Mildred Mair




Posted 9/22/2006