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Memories of Sunset Beach

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This place at the State Park west of the Pavilion where they watch sunsets I remember from the summer of 1985 when I used to take my Mom down there to see the sunsets every evening in summer.

She enjoyed it but always wanted to leave right as soon as the sun went down below the horizon. But I wanted to stay there until dark! So we argued about it! Muriel Reese, a local artist of Swedish descent heard us arguing one time and urged us to stay for 45 minutes for the Wonderful “After” glow in June. Muriel’s husband was also there. He was the son of a local Swedish Methodist minister, Rev. Andrew Reese.

At the beach in 1985 we talked of those days in 1936 when Muriel was my Sunday School teacher when I was six years old. She said “You were sure cute!” (Ha Ha). I replied “So were you!” She gave me a hard look! (Ha Ha) Muriel was lovely and vivacious.

Sincerely, Ed Gustafson

(No longer Cute! Alas!)


P.S. I remember when they built this parking lot about 1965. They destroyed a nice picnic area and a lot of dunes in the process!



Posted 6/12/2006