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Liberty Landowners respond to Chesterton Town Council

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Voice of the People

This is in response to the Chesterton Councilís comment in the Chesterton Tribune on July 29 directed towards the Liberty Landowners Association.

First, we do want a hospital, but not at the selected site of Highways 6 and 49. The zoning there goes against the U.D.O. that was adopted by the Porter County Commissioners. Mr. Cliff Fleming has said that a better location for a hospital would be near SR 49 and the Toll Road.

Second, itís been stated that the Liberty Landowners should work with the Council on this development. We were never asked.

Third, why would the residents living near Coffee Creek Crossing want any of the services provided by the Town of Chesterton? The County services are adequate. Maybe Chestertonís services would mean higher taxes.

Fourth, those Liberty Landowners who were at the council meeting left because the PUD Ordinance for Coffee Creek Crossing was voted on and passed 5-0. The Council then went on to other Town business. Why should we have stayed?

Edwin Gutt

Liberty Twp.


Posted 8/5/2008