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Letter writers miss community fireworks display

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Voice of the People

Chesterton, Porter, Burns Harbor:

Why not have a fireworks display over Lake Michigan? Chicago is cramped for space due to housing developments and they do this every year.

The fire works can be launched from a barge off the beach by the Dunes State Park. There is plenty of parking and restroom facilities. Maybe something can be worked out between the Dunes State Park and the three towns. Just a thought.

Robert Fulton


Voice of the People

This is in response to the notice of no fire works in Chesterton. Which appeared in your Thursday, July 1, 2008 edition.

I would like to thank the residents of Chesterton for their patriotism and spirit on the 4th of July. It was is quite awesome. They took over where the Chesterton town fathers and park board failed. On a day that is supposed to remember our Nations fight for Independence with our Countrymen at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, it appears that even this sacred day has no meaning to the Chesterton Park Board and Chesterton Town Fathers.

Once again another festival was nixed and residents were directed to other towns to celebrate the 4th of July. The Chesterton Park Board cited safety concerns for a housing development on the west side of Dogwood Park for not having fireworks this year. Safety concerns? Really? Seems the residents of that housing development were not too concerned since they were having their own fireworks display. Matter of fact, the housing developments surrounding the park were all shooting off their own fireworks. Some were very impressive.

While other towns had parades and celebrations showing their pride and unity, Chesterton's governing boards decided to let its residents fend for themselves. The towns people did and they did it with pride..!

As a new resident of Chesterton, I am continually dumbfounded by Chesterton Town Boards that seem to drive out the very things that I understand once made the quality of life and the town of Chesterton very noteworthy. To add insult to injury some of these boards, like the park board, come up with ridiculous excuses for not having events. Last year it is my understanding that we did not have fireworks because the park was under construction. To top that these boards then have the arrogance to tell people to celebrate in other towns. Maybe we should pay our taxes to those towns as well?

On a day where all Americans celebrate the founding of our Country, Chesterton as a town, was no where to be found.

Again I thank the residents of Chesterton for picking up the slack and failure of the town's governing boards.

You made the evening...

Robert Stormer


Posted 7/7/2008