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Letter writer credits Tribune for uncovering property tax snafu

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Congratulations to the staff at the Chesterton Tribune for discovering the lack of the homestead credit in the Porter County budget order issued by the state last week. Because of some one’s sharp eye, we are not going to be subjected to further delays or inaccuracies in our property tax bills.

Since the Tribune is too modest and professional to toot its own horn, I will do it for them. I have found that, by and large, the Chesterton Tribune is the most accurate and objective source of local news. The other two major print media in the region were late in reporting the mistake by the DGLF. One outlet gave credit for its discovery to unidentified “auditors", but we know better. Keep up the good work!

By researching the news, and not merely printing distributed information verbatim, the Tribune saved Porter County elected officials and their high-priced consultants from further embarrassment for the ongoing tax fiasco. Once again, congratulations!

George Mrak

P.S. Although some may consider my praise of the staff to be excessive, they are not perfect: the word “omission” was misspelled in Friday’s article.


Posted 11/17/2008