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Letter from Afghanistan supports seeking grant for skateboard park here

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Voice of the People

Dear Chesterton Tribune,

My name is Dan Williams. Iím currently a Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant in Afghanistan and I grew up in Porter County.

I read the Tribune occasionally online and came across an article regarding a skateboard park for the youth. As an avid skateboarder, with over 20 years of experience, this sparked my interest.

I used to live in California and have talked to the Tony Hawk foundation before. They are an organization focused on helping smaller cities build parks for youth in need of a place to go.

Given the alarming heroin abuse, and other drug usage of teens and young adults in Porter County, I am confident they would be willing to help. I also recently contacted a company run by ex-professional skateboarder Jim Rees to see if they would be interested in building the park if it is approved and the city approved of it.

One idea, I doubt the town has thought of, is that a skateboard park doesnít have to be just that. The land can be acquired though many means. Consider a veterans memorial park, a police memorial park, a war on drugs sponsored park, or even a memorial park for the steel workers of Indiana who have died on the job.

If you have any points of contact with the city that I may contact regarding the park, I would love to provide my assistance in any way possible. I love the town of Chesterton and hope to help give something back to it even though Iím across the world right now.

Thank you for your time,

Daniel Williams

Gunnery Sergeant USMC


Posted 1/17/2007