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If the Council is against it then it must be good

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I waited until after the vote to comment on Chesterton becoming a city or not, but this is what I told my wife.

If the council was against it, then it must be good for the people, but of course the people believe in their council representatives so they voted that way. I also told my wife after the vote the council would hire a town manager. It looks as if this will also happen.

The big difference is a mayor would be responsible to the voters while a manager is only responsible to those that hire (Him or Her). Yet the council can lay blame on the manager who is beholden to the ones that does the hiring. In other words the council will get credit when things go right, but not the blame when it goes wrong.

Think about the politics of this town. You can be on the council and quit and decide to come back and just walk right in if you know the right people. It will never cease to amaze me how the electorate can be swayed by those who are supposed to represent the people instead of the other way around.

Charlie Van Cleef



Posted 11/13/2006