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Happy Birthday to the Trib! I heard Warren turned 80 recently. [Editor’s Note: Not yet. April 22 is the day.] Don’t know if its true or not. He probably was born in 1926 if he graduated from CHS in 1944. I, too, am a newcomer to Chesterton! I came here in 1936 when I was six years old. Dad and I were captivated by the Palace movie theater on the first block of Broadway. Mom wasn’t as enthusiastic about movies as Dad and I were, although she loved the musicals with Nelson Eddy and Jeanette McDonald. The Palace was where Terry Heistand’s law office now is. In 1937 I remember seeing the movie “Heidi” there, with Shirley Temple. Also in 1937 we saw the cartoon movie there from Disney called “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

Warren played the tuba in the band in 1943-1944 when I played the first flute. Judy Ciss (now named Brooks) played second flute that year. Warren’s sister Sarah played the French horn. Warren’s other sister Phyllis came in the band later. I don’t remember John. He was too young.

Remember the tornado of April 8, 1948? It devastated Porter! In the tornado was lost our windmill north of Chesterton on Old 49 at the old Lamport place.

Ed Gustafson



Posted 4/6/2006