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Giving to community groups is the right thing to do

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What kind of person? While I was supervising the kids during a street-corner fund-raiser, I checked in on one guy, Christian, across the street. He asked, “ What do you say to someone who calls you over to their car, acts like they’re going to donate and then says, You kids don’t deserve a skatepark”. Well, I tried to think of what a snappy comeback might be to put such a person in their place, but all I could suggest is, “Tell them, yes we do deserve a park and we’re going to keep working to build it.”

The irony of this episode is that just then a shiny chromed-out jeep pulled over and the driver waved Christian over. He handed him $40, the biggest single donation of the day, and said, “I was skateboarder and I want you guys to have a park”. Coincidence?

What kind of person? Who would begin planning an event a year in advance, work countless hours arranging the details, recruit help from friends and family, promote to everyone in the community and his business associates, only to give it all to a worthy non-profit organization? Joe Wagner is that kind of person. Every year he holds a golf outing and I could tell he enjoys the day. He deserves to, since he works hard to pull off making it a success.

Duneland Extreme Sports was the beneficiary of Joe’s generosity this year and he now is our largest business community contributor to date. I say to date, because we’re looking for other “angels”. Some people may chuckle with that word and Joe in the same paragraph, but it is a real term in non-profit circles for those who give unconditionally. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Bill Clinton has a new book out about giving. No matter what you think of Bill, his message is true. Individuals make the difference to the quality of a community when they give. Do we need to read the book to understand that? Just look around.

Yes, Duneland Extreme Sports wants your contribution. But if you see a picture in this paper, like I do all the time, of people giving and the cause strikes you, then give. Do it right then and don’t think about anything else until the envelope is sealed.

Bill Mullin


Posted 9/18/2007