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Funding cuts hurting National Lakeshore programs and services

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Voice of the People

My heart is heavy with concern for our dear Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and its many programs which have long been in effect and are now in jeopardy.

Although having been aware for some time of the various changes that are happening there, I especially refer you to Nora Glenn’s article in the January 12, 2007 Post Tribune: “National Park Service appears to be cutting back on programs.”

For many, many, many years many, many kind-hearted, sincere and dedicated people have created and effectuated many, many, many wonderful and varied programs for the public! I have attended countless of those, such as Ranger Kelli English’ Martin Luther King Jr. program, etc. They are wonderful, informative and entertaining.

I especially am involved in and care about the programs at the Chellberg Farm and the Bailly Homestead. I have seen personally for years how meaningful these programs are to the public, especially including school children who have no other knowledge of our local past.

I beg you, do not let these programs die. This park being somewhat metropolitan oriented, especially needs, wants and enjoys its many programs to the public: travelers, campers and locals. PLEASE do not let these programs die. Do not let them be banned and or be changed.

Please do NOT let our farm animals be sold and diminished so that the programs fade and falter.

The Friends of the Dunes is a wonderful group of hard-working and caring people. PLEASE do not allow their efforts to be eliminated. They have long raised funds for their work in the Dunes and accomplished many outstanding improvements to the programs.

(I am also sick about the war in Iraq and feel that, among other wasteful programs, is where our funds are going!)

As you especially know, our National Parks are our treasures, and the fine, wonderful and sincere programs that join them are lace on the bonnets.

Dorothy M. Meyers


Posted 1/24/2007