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Everyone loses with the end of Chesterton Wizard of Oz Festival

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 I read today that the Oz Fest will cease to continue in 2009. The main reason cited was the economic concerns. Funny - people had no problem spending their money on Black Friday.

In my opinion the reason the festival has failed is because it was taken out of Chesterton.

How can the fairgrounds compare to the hometown atmosphere of downtown Chesterton? The booths lining Calumet, Broadway and the side streets where a plethora of goods and crafts could be found mingling with the wonderful smell of elephant ears, sausages, and corn on the cob.

Nothing could compare to the best parade around winding through the tree lined streets of small town America. And what about the downtown businesses which profited from the festival - so much for supporting the town merchants.

I have many wonderful memories of the Oz Festival over the past 20 years I have lived here.

What I will remember the most are the people, how everyone enjoyed themselves walking around visiting the booths, having pictures taken in front of the Gazebo, and sampling the pies at The Auntie Emís pie baking contest.

Just another example of what can happen when poor decisions are made; now everyone loses.

Jeannie Pesut


Posted 12/3/2008