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DNR plan for hotel at Dunes State Park beach is outrageous

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It is both outrageous and ironic that the very agency (DNR) that is entrusted with the care and protection of our precious natural heritage is planning to do serious damage to the jewel in our crown! I refer, of course, to the plan to build a 100 room inn on the Lake Michigan shore in the heart of the Dunes National Park. While I think that such a facility (perhaps even including an upscale restaurant), is long overdue, the proposed location exhibits an unbelievable insensitivity to the fragility and beauty of the ecosystem of the Indiana Dunes. The site of the old Coronodo lodge, or some other similarly located site, might offer an alternative that would avoid environmental degradation and aesthetic mayhem while providing an attractive and accessible location. While we are about it, why not also consider the construction of an edifice that would bring some architectural distinction to Northwest Indiana?

Too many people have worked too hard and too long to preserve this splendid and unique corner of our planet to have it trashed by those who would replace reasoned exploration of alternative possibilities with expedience.

Judith Cieslak


Posted 4/18/2006