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Chesterton should demand respect from developers to preserve unique community strengths

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True, this area is saturated with Wal-Mart stores and other Big Box retailers. For those that wish to ignore the far reaching negative impact a Wal-Mart would have only need to wake up to the fact that in Wal-Martís business plan, your dollars belongs to them and they have the power to sell at a loss to insure they get every single one.

The real point that everyone needs to be concerned with is the idea of development for the sake of developers. The fact that most every developer doing work in this area is not held to the same standards of design and execution as they would be if they were building in certain upscale neighborhoods in Chicago or the northern suburbs is troubling. I think this is a demonstrable fact. We get no respect because we do not demand respect.

While the town has made some movements to gain some control over these types of developments, it has not been nearly as bold, creative or far reaching as hoped. It is realized that some type of development could be built in what is now three distinct areas bordering 49 on the south side. What will be built is the question? What is certain is the first project to be approved will have tremendous impact on what will certainly follow. Do we want Chesterton to be a unique destination for higher end shopping that will compliment the town and its charm? A non-urbanized haven for small to mid sized companies in which to build and grow? Or is the town so desperate to build something, anything, that we are willing to settle for what scraps are shoved under the door?

John and Brenda Swibes


Posted 10/9/2006