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Voice of the People

The sun shined on Duneland this past weekend! When the sun came up this past Saturday and Sunday on our Community it shined down on an area where there was a much higher percentage of happy people. Why do you ask? Was it the sun and clear skies that comes in late February where there are subtle hints of upcoming spring? Was it because some of us spotted a robin in the yard?

No, what made a number of people in the community happier than normal was what happened at our high school gym last Friday night and what happened in the chlorinated pools of the IUPUI Natatorium in distant Indy on Saturday afternoon.

In every important sporting event where much is at stake there will always be a winner and there will always be a loser. Towards the end of the year this is of course more important then any time before.

Like during the Olympics when we cheer for “our’ national participants and during the pro sports seasons we cheer for “our” local or state pro teams. We often witness the great joy when an important victory happens and goose bumps run down our backs. We also feel some sadness when athletic dreams are not realized.

For me and many other folks in the community we feel the pride of victory when our local young people shine. This past weekend may have been one where CHS shined liked no time before...chills went down many spines!

Our basketball boys earned the Duneland Conference Crown alone for the first time in school history and as you now may know our Aquatic Trojans won the Indiana State Swimming Championship!

I had the pleasure of being able to witness these two events and experience the great feeling of seeing so many athletes, their peers, parents and school folks being a part of sport dreams fulfilled! It was all there, the right stuff of life time memories and community spirit....parents honored, tears of joy, hugs, grandmas being kissed by their athlete grandsons, big teen smiles and just happiness all around.

I have not had more goose bumps since my (then beloved) Twins won two world series a couple decades back when I was a Minnesotan for a few years.

What is my wish and theme behind these comments? We have seen one set of Trojan victors who have ruled the waves, now let us rally to cheer on the basketball court Trojans and hope that there will be four more weekends of brilliant sun shine that will illuminate the Duneland community with some wholesome pride. Please consider backing our lads in the upcoming tournament play. A good time is at hand and they deserve the community support.

Warren Feece

Liberty Twp.