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Belated birthday wishes to Chesterton Tribune

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Dear Chesterton Tribune Editor:

I belatedly wish your paper a Happy Birthday and all sincerest wishes for a bright future. I join with Kevin Nevers in his appreciation and admiration of the Tribune. I recently moved from a community that also had a fine newspaper and was certain I would miss its daily input. However, despite the fact that the Tribune strives to be local and personal, it also provides national and international information, and is a welcome guest!

I am also especially excited at this time to note the community awareness of the drug and alcohol problems that exist here, and will assist where I can. Having personally noted the destruction by addictions in my family, I ache and bleed for the continuance of same. If we could only “put a fence” around our dear ones and cause the traffic to stop! Yet, it is always “better to light one candle.”

Dorothy Weidman Meyers


Posted 4/20/2004