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Beachfront hotel is bad for business

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I was not too surprised that no bids were submitted to the State for building a hotel on the beach parking lot at the Indiana Dunes State Park. It seemed to me that it was a bad idea from a business perspective as well as an aesthetic or environmental one.

The area has a more than adequate number of hotel rooms closer to the main roads.

While one in the park might have more appeal for some in the summer because of the nearness of the beach, it would surely be lost in the long off seasons.

I think it would turn out to be a money-losing White Elephant on the lakefront when competing with hotels closer to the interstates during the entire year.

What does give me cause to wonder is that the DNR director said he would consider the idea of the State building a hotel in the park. For a concept rejected by would-be private investors to be resurrected by an administration so in love with “privatization” as evidenced by the recent Indiana Toll Road lease is both bizarre and inconsistent.

Jim Fitzsimmons


Posted 6/9/2006