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Be ashamed of Chesterton port-a-potty parks

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From time to time, our business people raise concerns about Chesterton not promoting the town as a place that tourists would want to visit.

Outside of the downtown area, with its century old store fronts, the town does not have too many things that would attract tourists.

It does not have a geyser spouting a stream of water hundreds of feet skyward every hour, ALA “Old Faithful”, in Yellowstone Park. No does it have a “giant hole in the ground” like the Grand Canyon in Ariz. - These are real tourist attractions. Nor can the town boast of too many classic buildings - only the Brown Mansion leaps out.

However, Chesterton is unique. It sits near a real interesting site - One of the greatest lakes in the world, with the adjoining sand dunes - Lake Michigan.

The federal and state governments have recognized the Lake as a place that people would come to visit and enjoy. The established two-parks - Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and Indiana Dunes State Park.

Many thousands of tourists come here to Duneland every year. Chesterton needs only to provide the services and accommodations that these tourists would need. They are at our door step every day - at Indian Boundary Rd. and SR 49. Find a way to entice them to the downtown area.

We should be ashamed to present our downtown park with no water to drink nor a clean and sanitary restroom. Portable toilets are for construction areas, no a town park!

Ray Carnes


Posted 7/17/2007