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Adults need to be safe on scooters, too

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In response to Mr. Hayduck’s letter dated 7/30/08: Yes, I agree that high gasoline prices has led to more scooters and mopeds on our roadways. They are being operated by adolescents, and yes, there have been accidents.

The laws and requirements for operating these scooters are posted on our work counter (BobsShop) and when a customer is interested in purchasing one, we always encourage them (and their parent) to read this information. Under Indiana Code 9-12-11-12 the operator must be at least 15 years old, have an ID card, permit, operators license, chauffeurs or public passenger chauffeurs license. The vehicle is not to be on an Interstate highway, maximum speed 25 mph and young drivers should wear head and eye protection. We also have them do some practice time on our lot.

I do agree with you also that they be responsible drivers in regards to the safety of others and the rules of the road.

However, I have seen adults on scooters - not just adolescents - go through stop signs, go the wrong way on one way streets and pull out in front of on-coming traffic, so everyone needs to pay attention.

Ironically, as I sit on my front porch with my morning coffee writing this, a moped driver failed to stop at the corner stop sign.

Linda Zeidler

Co-owner of BobsShop


Posted 8/1/2008