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To the person or persons, who illegally entered my yard this morning, damaged my personal property by taping and stapling paper to my yard signs with your personal opinions about ‘freedom and supporting our troops,’ I have this to say to you. It is my FREEDOM to display in my yard, my personal opinions, without worry that one will enter my yard illegally, damage my personal property, and not be held accountable for that damage.

I am very proud of my “OUT OF IRAQ” signs as all my neighbors on my street that post them as well, which were also damaged. I will continue to display what ever opinions I choose to in my yard. My suggestion to you is this; you do not enter my yard again, for it is also my Freedom to protect my property if I feel is it threatened.

And one more thing, obviously you need a bit of education as to the true meaning of freedom and the relevancy it has in supporting our troops. As the dictionary states: FREEDOM- n. The state of being free; personal liberty or national independence. Freedom of the press; the right to publish fact and opinion without censorship.

Nowhere in the dictionary does it state that FREEDOM should cost the lives of millions of innocent people including children, civilians or military. Get your facts straight and stay out of my yard!

The following may help shed some light on your ignorance and is legal as well.

Howard Zinns’ story about Patriotism and Freedom.

Jenna Martin


Posted 7/19/2006