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Reward politics alive and well in Porter

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Let me introduce myself. I have lived in my grandparents home across the street from the Porter Town Hall for 13 years. My parents live across the street. I have attended town meetings for 12 years. I campaigned, not just signs in my yard, for the previous and current Republican councils. I am also honored to count some of the members as personal and family friends.

We campaigned very hard to get good folks in office and remove party and outside influences that didnít always have the best interests of the town at heart.

What I saw at the caucus was straight-up reward politics. Mr. Martin is, of course, welcome to reside and contribute to his new home town. His appointment was a reward for helping Mr. Snyderís sonís failed campaign for mayor of Portage. Anyone who was not at the caucus does not know what went on. This is not to say Mr. Martin will not be a good council member, but no one should be in that position just because of who they associate with.

I donít believe that asking someone who has just moved here (43 days) to start a little slower - maybe attending one town council meeting - is asking too much. I also strongly invite everyone to attend council and other town meetings.

Sherrill Newman


Posted 9/8/2008