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Support for new Republican Council member in Porter

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I imagine the person in Porter who put the Democratic candidate sign in their window voted Democrat in the election. I had a Bill Sexton sign in my yard during the last election.

Now I am satisfied with the selection of Bill’s successor by the Republican party. As part of the democratic process a vote was taken, not a census of how long the candidate was a resident.

Honestly, I think some of the vitriolic debate about Bill’s replacement is disgusting. Maybe in the next election Mr. Martin’s opponents will demand that everyone who has lived in Porter for less than a year should wear a yellow and black band on their arm. They can stamp “New Boy” on it and keep them out of the polls.

My advice for Todd Martin is hurry up pull all your curtains shut. Soon your opponents faces will be plastered against the window to see what your family eats for dinner. I am sure they will have something negative to say whether you eat steak or hot dogs.

Richard Leake



Posted 9/5/2008