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Chesterton officials should learn the difference between town and country

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Per the article in the Chesterton Tribune, July 29, Coffee Creek Crossing PUD: The Chesterton Town Board must remember they live in an urban setting where business development thrives. They do not want horses, cattle, sheep or hogs or the use of fire arms to protect them from predators in their town.

Liberty Twp. is rural in nature, where only farm development should occur. Liberty Twp. was originally zoned rural and should not be changed without County government approval.

Chesterton has annexed small parcels in Liberty, then attempted to take over the entire township. Example, not allowing 1050N to cross SR 49 bypass. They also attempted to take over drainage, paid for by Township property owners.

In 1900 my great grandfather owned and resided on a seven acre parcel on the west side of Locust Street, just south of the C&O Railroad. I believe the parcel is still intact. He had a horse and a cow, some chickens and a sow and a few broad acres. He ate the hog from the pen and the grain from the bin. If I lived on this parcel at present, could I use it as he did? As I pleased?

Board member Darnell advises that Liberty people stated “Chesterton does not care about Liberty”. Chesterton does not care about their own people. They do not care about Darnell’s neighbor to the west, Vida Kane. A recent water shed map from Porter County indicates a regulated drain, an arm of Gustafson Drain located on Darnell’s property, which I understand is not working. Why? The town is involved with the county with this drain. Then the Town of Chesterton approves a subdivision on the west side of Kane’s property with building grade higher than Kane’s property, causing Kane’s property to flood. The County is prohibited by state law from allowing this. Does Chesterton have such rules? Why not?

J.F. Schrader

Liberty Twp.


Posted 8/6/2008