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Chesterton town parks in bad shape

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I grew up here and lived here for 20 years before moving away for seven years to attend school and I have recently returned with my husband and son to live here. I remember taking my little sister to Friendship Land in Chesterton Park and Coffee Creek and they were so beautiful. I just took my son to Friendship Land and much of the playground equipment was in bad shape including the gliders, tire swings, bench glider, etc.

Things were grown over, there were no restrooms open anymore and my husband was looking forward to playing basketball BUT there is no longer any basketball court. Also that great old tennis court is missing.

I couldnít help but wonder what has happened? I drove by the Coffee Creek playground but it was a sad sight, I didnít even stop....and Dogwood Parkís playground was dangerous for a three year old with all of that peeling and chipping paint. I LOVE this community, that is why I came back here. Is there something we can do to spruce these parks up? Who keeps them up? Are there volunteers that help collect trash and maintain them? Please, please help us restore our parks as well as getting some new playground equipment for our budding youth. I have spoken to other family and friends who agree the parks in our town have greatly deteriorated.

Thank-you for your time.

Christina Bianco-Jessen


Posted 8/6/2008